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Polygraph Examinations for Immigration and Asylum  
Polygraph Examiners - Polygraph Examinations for Immigration, Asylum, Refugees
Computerized polygraph examinations for immigration and asylum

CERTIFIED Polygraph Examinations Nationwide for Immigration / Asylum / Refugee since the 1980s

Verbal results IMMEDIATELY - Written reports can be available same-day - You can quietly watch the exam

Applicant testimony is traditionally the most important evidence in these matters, so we assist their attorneys with:

  • Personal testimony given before an Asylum Officer or an Immigration Judge
  • Documentation of the elements of 'persecution' and 'well-founded fear'
  • Corroborating evidence per the Federal REAL ID Act of 2005
  • The connection to Applicant's race, religion, nationality, membership in a
    particular social group, or political opinion
  • 'Wave-throughs' - Marriage fraud - Amnesty - 'Clear and convincing evidence' - VAWA - Adam Walsh Act
  • Inadmissibility - Exclusion - Bars - IRCA - Ineligibility - LIFE - Removal (deportation) - Appeals - Denials
  • Quilantan - Arguellin - Procedural Regularity- Adjust Status- Entry -Admission - Inspected and Admitted
  • Credibility Assessment for all other types of Immigration and Asylum matters
"The burden of establishing eligibility is on the applicant". (Federal law)

The most common polygraph test
requested by Immigration attorneys:
Quilantan (entry)
(Waved Through Entry)

know the typical 40 questions asked
asked at a Federal Quilantan Interview.

--We know the 4 most commonly-asked questions
used on a Quilantan polygraph examination.

California Alliance of Polygraph Examiners

Arizona Alliance of Polygraph Examiners

New York Alliance of Polygraph Examiners

Experienced :: CERTIFIED :: Most Languages
Court Appointed and Recognized Expert
Traveling nationwide to serve you!
More than 10000 completed examinations

Male and Female Certified Polygraph Examiners
Case-law data for our clients

Immigration lie-detector tests since 1988

"I am helping to protect my country's
borders with my polygraph skill".

--John Grogan
Polygraph Expert
Testing since 1988

lie detector test Immigration

immigration polygraph
polygraph for immigration

Respected affiliates in most major cities
Remote-monitoring available by live-video;
options include videotaping of the examination

Also available: Voice Stress Analysis;
micro-expression, body-language; MRI/fMRI;

oculomotor measurement deception detection:
eye pupil diameter increase, dwell time, 
and eye-movement / eye-tracking;
concealed emotion; and PPG-Plethysmograph

Days, Nights, Weekends: Reasonable Rates:
no additional cost for nights or weekends,
and no charge for a written report!

lie detector Federal immigration case


Federal government's own use of polygraph:

Polygraphs are used on a regular basis throughout
the United States and world. In the United States,
polygraphs are used by the Department of Defense,
the FBI, CIA, NSA, DEA, and Secret Service;
all branches of the military; and numerous state and
local law enforcement agencies throughout the country.
The annual budget for the Department of Defense for polygraph testing alone is approximately $50 million.
In doing so, the governmental agencies accept the
value and validity of the polygraph test process.

Polygraph Innocence Project
Immigration Credibility Assessment

Administering only those testing
techniques approved by all four: 
Polygraph Examiners of America,
American Polygraph Academy,
US Government Polygraph Institute,
and American Polygraph Association

VERY ACTIVE member of many state
and national lie-detection organizations

Also Korean, Spanish, Hebrew, and Farsi polygraphs

Polygraph examinations can be
conducted at your location,
or visit our polygraph locations,
and we also can cover:

Anaheim, Garden Grove, Santa Ana, Buena Park, 
Huntington Beach, Fullerton, Aliso Viejo, Irvine,
Burlingame, Costa Mesa, Laguna Niguel, Redondo Beach,
Santa Monica, Pasadena, Glendale, Burbank, BelAir,
Woodland Hills, San Jose CA; Beverly Hills, Redding CA
Los Angeles, Baker, Needles, California; San Diego,
Northridge, Santa Clarita, Van Nuys, Valencia, Newhall,
Oxnard, Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park, Moorpark,
Port Hueneme, Simi Valley, Camarillo, Ojai, Ventura,
Torrance, Long Beach, San Francisco, Sacramento CA,
La Crescenta, Palmdale, Lancaster, Malibu, Canoga Park;
Downey, Long Beach, Topanga, Pacific Palisades, BelAir;
Shafter & Bakersfield CA
; Boise & Coeur d'Alene Idaho;
Pittsburgh, Erie, Stroudsburg, Philadelphia, and Reading PA;
New York City, Buffalo, Rochester, Yonkers, Brooklyn,
Long Island, Syracuse, Albany, New Rochelle, Mount Vernon,
Queens, Manhattan, Schenectady, NYC, and Utica NY

Seattle, Tacoma, Federal Way, Vancouver, and Spokane WA;
Arizona, Washington, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Rhode Island,
Baltimore, Frederick, Gaithersburg, and Hagerstown Maryland;
Atlanta, Macon, Savannah, Athens, Warner Robins,
Canton, Agusta, Conyers, Marietta, and Roswell Georgia;
Wilmington, Dover, Newark, Hockessin, and Glasgow Delaware;
Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Canada, and Mexico.

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